Caucus Coverage

October 2011
Fifty-four Assembly members and senators have signed on to a letter circulated by the Bipartisan Pro Choice Legislative Caucus urging the Obama administration to interpret the health care reform law such that state-level health care exchanges include all family planning essential community providers in their networks.

May 2011

Senate Minority Leader John Sampson appeared with numerous Democrats and a few Republican Assembly members to push for passage of the Reproductive Health Act, a measure that’s been the major legislative agenda item for the state’s pro-choice community.

  • Senator Krueger Explains Why the BPCLC Was Formed

  • Senator Stewart Cousins on Why Reproductive Rights Are So Important

  • Assemblymember Deborah Glick on Her Pro-Choice Mission 

February 2011

  • Senator Krueger Speaks at Planned Parenthood Stand Up For Women’s Health Rally

  • Senator Gustavo Rivera Explains, in Spanish, Why Family Planning Providers Are so Vital