Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thank You, and Keep Fighting!

We are deeply disappointed that reproductive health legislation was not passed by both houses this session.

However, the BPCLC members stood strong for the women of New York – every single one of the pro-choice caucus members in the Assembly voted for the full 10-point Women’s Equality Agenda, including reproductive health.   
BPCLC Members with Cynthia Nixon and NYCLU's
Donna Lieberman at Women's Equality Act Rally

While every BPCLC member in the Senate supported an amendment to attach the reproductive health language to another bill, the Senate came up one vote short and the amendment was defeated. Unfortunately, the Senate majority coalition leaders refused to bring the reproductive health bill to the floor either as part of a 10-point package or as a standalone bill.

While we have been working to protect women’s health, state legislatures across the country are working to pass unconstitutional anti-choice bills – Ohio lawmakers are hijacking their state budget process to launch attacks on reproductive health services and Texas Gov. Rick Perry is calling a special session to push through the radical anti-abortion bill famously filibustered by Texas State Senator Wendy Davis.

BPCLC Members Standing with the 
Women's Equality Coalition in Albany
As national anti-choice forces fight to move us backward wherever they are able, we must continue to fight and move our state's laws into the 21st century. The BPCLC remains firmly committed to putting ALL of Roe v. Wade's protections on the books in New York State law.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to this effort!

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