Wednesday, March 20, 2013

80% of New Yorkers Support a Reproductive Health Act

Great news -- a new Siena poll (PDF) shows 80% of New Yorkers support a reproductive health act and two thirds call themselves pro-choice.

From the Siena poll's results:
By an overwhelming 80-16 percent margin, voters support the Governor’s reproductive health act, ‘aimed at protecting reproductive freedom for women, ensuring a woman’s right to make private health care decisions regarding pregnancy.’ At least two-thirds of voters from every party, region and demographic group support it, with the exception of self-identified conservatives who support it 64-29 percent. 66 percent of New York voters describe themselves as pro-choice – including more than two-thirds of Democrats and independents and a majority of Republicans – compared to 27 percent who describe themselves as pro-life.
Meanwhile, a recent op-ed from Dr. Steven Chasen forcefully made the case for the RHA in the Daily News, and debunked some of the swirling rumors and exaggerations RHA's opponents have been spreading:

Opponents have been caricaturing what Gov. Cuomo calls his Women’s Equality Agenda as a radical liberal expansion of abortion rights in a state that already has far more abortions than the national average. As a doctor who specializes in maternal-fetal health, I need to explain why they’re wrong — and why we need to update New York abortion law to make it consistent with federal law and current medical standards.
Read the full piece at the Daily News!

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