Wednesday, February 1, 2012

War on Women: Komen Turns Its Back on Women's Health

An anti-women’s health campaign has repeatedly targeted and harassed the Susan G. Komen Foundation for its support of Planned Parenthood's provision of life-saving cancer screenings for low-income and underserved women. An Associated Press report today indicates Komen's announced withdrawal of its support for the Planned Parenthood screening program is a product of these attacks.

News like this makes it clear -- the war on reproductive rights across our country is expanding into a war against women's health and women themselves. This is the type of reckless, politically motivated attack that could cost women’s lives. The screening program, part of Planned Parenthood's commitment to promoting and improving women's health, literally provides a life-saving service, helping women identify breast cancer early and dramatically improve their chances of getting treatment in time and surviving.

That said, Planned Parenthood has stated they will not let Komen’s disappointing decision halt grant funding or get in the way of providing patients with the care they need. A national foundation has announced a gift to create a Planned Parenthood Breast Health Fund to provide immediate funding for the women whose breast cancer screenings and care has been jeopardized by Komen’s decision to withdraw its support.